$275 all-inclusive fixed rate for a 2 hour session

At KEAH we believe in providing high quality photos and great value. You pay a pre-set price for a 2 hour session at a location of your choice. No hidden costs.
What makes KEAH Photography different than other studios?
  • Flat rate pricing
  • Most studios retain copyrights for all the photos taken at your session. Then they force you to order prints directly from them at a substantial markup. NOT AT KEAH!
  • DVD provided with all the images taken from your session.
  • Professional image processing after the shoot using the latest software to create that perfect photo!
  • We also offer a complete "no-fuss" turnkey experience. KEAH will gladly order all the types of prints you want from our professional studios.
Browse our galleries for some of the different photo sessions we provide our clients.